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Gunnerson Consulting (GCCSS) is unique in that our cell tower consultants only work for property owners, not the cell tower companies or wireless carriers. From cell tower lease negotiation, to antenna site lease reviews, to managing cell tower or rooftop tenant upgrades; no other wireless consulting company can offer the level of expertise and service offered by GCCSS. Add to that our proprietary industry tools and our track record of success, and you have a winning combination.

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Landlord Consulting Services

GCCSS doesn't represent the cell tower or wireless companies, we work for you! We have been directly involved in thousands of cell tower, rooftop, or other antenna site leases across the United States, and on four continents. By putting our experience and resources to work for you, we help you make important decisions that can save you tens of thousands of dollars (or more) over the course of any existing or potential lease. Click here for more information on our Consulting Services.


To put it simply, we help our customers make money. Members of our team of cell tower consultants have been involved in the industry since the early '80s; providing unmatched insight and experience into all facets of the industry. Whether reviewing new cell tower installations or colocations, performing audits of communication site equipment, or negotiating business terms with wireless carriers, cell tower companies, and lease buyout companies; our results speak for themselves. Click here to see some results of GCCSS' service.

Recent GCCSS Projects

  • Cell Tower Lease Negotiation
  • Tenant Rent Reduction Request
  • Rooftop Site Equipment Audit
  • Cell Tower Lease Buyout Review
  • Facilitate Rooftop Site Upgrade Request
  • Cell Tower Market Rent Analysis
  • Assist in Rooftop Site Overload Remediation
  • Cell Tower Lease Business Term Review
  • Cell Tower Colocation Process Implementation
  • Cell Tower Lease Extension