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Gunnerson Consulting & Communication Site Services (GCCSS) provides consulting in many areas of the cell tower industry. An example of services provided by GCCSS are:


 Cell Tower and Antenna Site Construction, and Cell Site Modifications

Whether you are building one cell or many, a cell tower, rooftop, water tank, church steeple, or another type of cell site, knowing what options are available to you can make a difference. Location of the cell site, size of the compound, materials used for construction, etc. can have a lasting impact on your property. As cell towers and other cell sites tend to last a long time, doing things right the first time is imperative. Click here for more information.

 Cell Site Camouflage

Chimney Camo

Many people aren't aware of the options available to lessen the visible impact of cell sites. Working with our consultants through the lease negotiation process can ensure your site is built right the first time, and in a way that limits the impact on your property as well as your neighbors. Click here for more information.

 Cell Tower Lease Negotiation & Renegotiation

The wireless industry continues to change rapidly. Cell tower, rooftop, and other antenna site leases need to be built to provide for future changes in addition to current needs. Most cell tower leases are built to protect the wireless operators, not the property owner. Sometimes the needs of both parties are no longer served by the current lease. Our consultants work with you to determine your needs before entering into new leases, and can analyze existing leases to ensure they are being honored. Please visit our Results page for examples of our successes. Click here for more information.

wireless tower Wireless Network and Individual Site Design

Customers who own their own wireless sites can benefit from our experience with the tower companies and wireless operators. Our insight can allow you to maximize the return on your investment in your communication towers. By understanding what is common in the wireless industry, and knowing how to work with site acquisition companies and engineers, we can bring in revenue from sources most property owners are not familiar with. Click here for more information.

Dispute Resolution

Many times, over the course of the lease, some sort of dispute will arise. We have seen a number of rooftop sites or water tanks that incur damage through the course of upgrades or antenna installation. At times the transfer of leases may cause trouble with new tenants. Whatever the issue may be, we can help you sort out if the issue is able to be resolved quickly, or if it requires a more forceful approach. Knowing who to contact within the wireless operator's company can speed the process of resolving a lease dispute. Click here for more information.

Consent forms

Many of our customers receive requests from their tenants asking that they "consent" to a project. While many of these requests are innocent, at times they grant rights that the lease does not provide for. In some cases signing these forms can cost tens of thousands of dollars over time. We can help you make sense out of requests from your wireless tenants. Click here for more information.

Adding tenantsRooftop tenants

Unless otherwise specified in the lease, a new tenant should mean additional money for the landlord. This doesn't always occur, and in many cases the wireless operators and tower companies believe adding tenants is an inherent right. We believe the landlord should have the right to decide who is on your property, and should consider the aesthetics of any new tenants. GCCSS can help you understand if you have claim to rent being paid by an unauthorized colocating tenant. Click here for more information.

Cell Tower and Antenna Site Lease Buyouts

If you have a cell tower lease on your property, you have been approached by companies who want to purchase that lease. If you are selling your cell tower lease, we can help make sense out of the process. Money is only one part of the transaction, there are many other pieces that can affect how much you receive up front, as well as potential impacts in the future. GCCSS brings deep experience in this area and can walk you through all the different facets of cell tower lease buyouts. Click here for more information.

We Work With Your Existing Advisers

Perhaps most important, we work with your current advisers to ensure the solution presented is right for your situation. We understand the importance of working with people you know and trust. We work to develop a true relationship with your attorney, CPA, Financial Planner, Real Estate Agent, and others to ensure the solution meets your needs - both now, and in the future. Click here for more information.


Contact us today to see what GCCSS can do for you. Initial consultations are always free! Initial consultations are always free!


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