Site Examples

Many companies make promises, the best measure of success is always results. Below are a few examples of recent successes achieved by GCCSS:

Nextel Decommissioning

Our customer was approached by an affiliate of Sprint/Nextel to shut down the site. Typically wireless leases are very clear about the process, however in this case Nextel requested the ability to leave some equipment on the property. We were asked to review the request and the associated documentation, and recognized several unique opportunities for our customer to be compensated during the decommissioning of the site.

Consent to Transfer Lease Ownership

Our customer was asked to allow the transfer of a lease from one wireless operator to a separate operator. When GCCSS reviewed the situation, it became apparent that this simple request would clear the way for the new operator to reduce our customer's rent by over 50%. The negotiated solution resulted in increased rent, increased annual escalations, and a more stable term for our customer.

Abandoned Tower 

Our customer was notified one day that his tower had been decommissioned, and that the wireless operator wished to abandon the tower. The negotiated solution resulted in our customer owning the tower, and receiving compensation from the operator.

Dispute Resolution 

Sometimes wireless operators make mistakes when managing their leases. Such was the case when one operator allowed a new tenant to colocate at our customer's site without authorization. This resulted in increased rent for our customer, a substantial settlement, and more stable leasing terms.

Rent Reduction Request 

Many carriers engage companies to contact wireless landlords and demand rent reductions. In the most recent example, our customer was contacted to take a seemingly small rent reduction in exchange for a short term guarantee that the lease would not be terminated. GCCSS was able to research the local market to ensure the decision would be based on accurate information. The resulting report identified multiple sites in the area receiving similar rent, as well as identifying specific reasons this site did NOT warrant a rent reduction. The result saves our customer more than $100,000 over the proposed term of the modification! Click here for additional information on rent reduction requests.

Lease Buyout Request 

If you have a cell tower or a wireless lease on your property, you have been contacted by a company wanting to purchase your lease. Several recent customers asked us to review the terms of proposed transactions by lease buyout companies. In one such instance, within 4 hours of our involvement, the offer to our customer had increased by 30%! Our method of handling lease buyouts has been proven to increase the overall benefit to customers who decide to sell their wireless leases.

The amount of money received is only part of this transaction. There are many different pieces that need to be incorporated. By looking at your goals, and matching up a solution that is specific to your needs, GCCSS provides the best solution - custom tailored to you.

Lease Extension Requests 

One property owner was notified that her wireless tenant wished to extend its cell tower lease.  She was offered what appeared to be a generous signing bonus for the extension, but was not told that she could use this opportunity to renegotiate the terms of her lease.  She hired GCCSS to review the offer and GCCSS was able to increase the signing bonus as well as improve the terms of her lease agreement.  Now she is entitled to collect a share of profits earned from future tenants on the tower and her monthly rental income has more than doubled.

Roof Top Installations and Upgrades

Our customer owned a building and leased space on it to a wireless carrier for the installation of its antennas.  The lease gave our customer consent rights to upgrades to the antennas, but he didn’t understand what these consent rights meant.  GCCSS got involved and helped him to understand that his consent rights enabled him to collect additional revenues for the increase of equipment on the tower and to avoid costly damage to his roof.

Site and Operational Coordination  

Our customer operates a location with heavy traffic from the current transportation based tenant. This use which was impacted by the multiple cell tower tenants continually demanding space beyond their lesed areas during upgrades performed to their sites. GCCSS to assisted in implementing operational practices that met both the needs of our customer and the wireless carriers.



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