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To put it simply, we make our customers money. Our experience with cell tower leases, cell site management, and rooftop and other cell installations allows us to quickly identify potential problems and develop a plan to correct any issues and maximize the value of your lease. When managed the right way, wireless towers, rooftop cell sites, water tank sites, and even utility sites generate hundreds of thousands of dollars over the term of the lease. A bad decision can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A good decision can return much more.

Wireless landlords choose to work with GCCSS for a variety of reasons. With experience ranging from negotiating thousands of leases, to building communications networks, there are few situations we haven't seen. Below are some reasons customers choose GCCSS:


Landlords typically don’t have the same expertise in wireless leases as they do in their primary business

    • Very little information is available on common terms and conditions.
    • No source of comparable market rents.
    • Limited information on competitive sites.


Property owners are typically not sure of their standing with their wireless tenants

    • They are one site in a massive network of thousands.
    • Wireless tenants are low maintenance, but also do not develop a personal relationship with the property owner.


Wireless tenants are not driven by the same market factors as standard commercial tenants

    • Location is relative to the overall network.
    • Tenants can terminate with very little notice.
    • Quality of the reception matters more than quality of building/commercial traffic, etc.


Knowledge of standard clauses for specific tenants and types of properties can save you time, money, and headaches

    • Rooftop sites need to allow for re-roofing, access by owners, protection from radio frequencies.
    • Rooftop sites could prevent future redevelopment by the owner.
    • Rooftop sites need protection from damage.
    • Tower site location, development, and decommissioning options may have dramatic effects on property resale value or future development.
    • Water Tank sites have specific requirements which may cause access issues or additional costs for maintenance, painting, repair, or replacement.


We work with your existing legal team

    • GCCSS understands you are comfortable with your attorney. We provide the subject matter expertise, and ensure that your attorney is in the loop on all documentation before it is presented for signature.

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