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Rooftop Antenna Site Upgrades

Rooftop cell sites (or rooftop antenna sites) tend to evolve over time. What may start out as several antennas initially can expand to 15 antenna panels (each containing multiple cellular antennas), and a plethora of other equipment. In several of the most recent upgrades we have seen, close to 1,000 pounds of equipment has been added to rooftop cell sites during a "minor" upgrade.trisector rooftop

While some buildings are made to support these types of loads, many are not.

Of additional concern, many rooftop cell site leases contain verbiage that grant the tenant the right to add equipment and loading without the property owner's permission. Other leases only allows the property owner as little as 5 days to review the tenant's plans before their approval is automatically deemed granted by the lease!

Rooftop cell sites can be a great source of revenue from a portion of the building that otherwise would not generate revenue. This is contingent on proper installation and proper management of the cell site over time.

Rooftop cell site upgrades should be an opportunity for both landlord and tenant to assess the tenant's use of the property. The property owner should be able to determine if the use of the property has exceeded what was initially anticipated in the lease, and the tenants should assess whether they have outgrown the space granted by the lease. Square footage is only one consideration, loading and traffic are also important.

Gunnerson Consulting is well versed in assisting in the creation of lease documentation that allows property owners to actively manage rooftop cell sites. Additionally, we have the expertise to assist property owners in the auditing and management of rooftop cell sites. Contact us today to discuss your situation.