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In other recent articles (found here and here) we have discussed the importance of rooftop wireless leases, and proactive management by the property owner or property manager to ensure rooftop damage does not occur. Today's article is coming from the other side of this topic - we will review some of the damage that can be caused by improper rooftop installation techniques, and passive management.

Recently a property owner with rooftop wireless leases (or rooftop cell tower leases) approached Gunnerson Consulting for assistance with his wireless tenants. He felt their antennas may be causing damage to his rooftop, but wasn't sure where to start. As the members of Gunnerson Consulting have decades of experience in this arena, we were able to help him uncover the depth of the damage.

Warning: the following images are not for the faint of heart!

The first image comes from the underside of the roof surface below the cellular antennas, and gives a little insight of what is to come:

Damage to subroofing

As we moved our cameras around the supporting rafters, the gravity of the situation begins to unfold:

Damage to subroofing1

Damage to subroofing2

From the images above, it was clear that we needed to open the rooftop:

Damage to truss

While wireless carriers should take every precaution to ensure their rooftop installations do not cause lasting damage to building structures, property owners typically retain the ultimate responsibility for their buildings, and MUST be actively involved with their rooftop installations to ensure they are not faced with this type of situation. Gunnerson Consulting can assist property owners in the review of rooftop installations and in the resolution of issues that arise from rooftop wireless antenna installations. Contact us today for additional information.