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Many cell tower or rooftop antenna site landlords have questions about cell tower lease rates. With standard real estate rentals, there are many resources available to landlords to compare with surrounding sites and make sure your rental rates are fair. This is not the case with cell tower lease rates or rooftop lease rates.

Cell tower lease rates vary widely. The key factors that determine the rent paid by a cell tower company or a wireless carrier for a cell tower or rooftop antenna site is determined largely by two factors:

  • How important the location is to the network.
  • Who negotiates the terms of the lease.

When a cell tower or rooftop antenna site is installed, multiple locations are often reviewed. Threats by the company to "take the tower across the street" may be valid. They may also be a bluff.

In lease renewal situations, the approach changes dramatically and, if handled properly, the landlord can have much more control in the outcome of future cell tower lease rates than they are led to believe.

Without knowledge of what the wireless carriers are looking for, and what standard terms are, most property owners must guess to determine what "fair" terms are.

Gunnerson Consulting has experience with thousands of wireless leases across the United States, and on four continents. We maintain one of the largest databases of its kind regarding current cell sites and market rent. Additionally, we know what is required to make a cell site viable.

If you have questions about cell site lease rates or rooftop lease rates, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

The wireless carriers would never consider changing cell tower lease rates without reviewing surrounding sites, neither should you.

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