Site Examples

Network Development

Many companies can build a network, building one that will outperform the competition requires expertise.

When it comes to deploying your network, experience is everything. Network latency, capacity, stability, and time to deployment are all critical issues, and each factor differs in importance to each customer.

Network speedMicrowave Antenna

  • Network speed is much more than how fast the network can operate under optimal conditions. Consistent performance, low latency, redundant connections, and routine maintenance all play a part in network operations.
  • Building wide area networks with a focus on ultra-low latency as well as high bandwidth enables our customers to out perform the competition. When milliseconds matter, our networks excel.
  • Quality networking components and the ability to create new solutions is critical in network build-outs and consistent operations.
  • Experience with copper, fiber, and microwave to serve a network's backhaul needs gives GCCSS flexibility when developing  and implementing your network design.


Stability of Infrastructure

  • Your network needs to work without headaches and without downtime. Understanding the local topography, ordinances, and possible interference issues are critical to selecting infrastructure and locations that will provide for long-term, stable network operations.
  • RF design and interference management is critical in network design. Having developed communications networks globally gives GCCSS unsurpassed expertise to ensure your network is available at all times.
  • Network design must include more than a list of parts. Planning must also include the stability of electrical power, redundant power supplies, redundant/fail-over network paths, equipment idiosyncrasies, site layout, and even geo-political issues.
  • Understanding and implementing tower structural rules and regulations as well as comprehensive site management procedures ensures long term operation of the site - as well as allowing for future modifications and the maximization of tower revenue.


Time to DeploymentRadiation Pattern

  • Wireless networks consist of thousands of parts. Having worked on all sides of the wireless infrastructure business, we are able to understand how everything comes together. We have worked with the wireless operators, tower companies, property owners & neighbors, network engineers, equipment installers, zoning and permitting officers, as well as local and national governments to ensure networks are planned, permitted, and installed the right way.
  • By using specialized planning tools, we design your network virtually and test all paths virtually prior to deploying resources. Once the design is approved, we use local resources to ensure network deployment avoids any issues with local procedures.
  • By leveraging technology and local resources, we are able to design and build your network efficiently, and deliver performance unmatched in the industry. 


GCCSS has successfully deployed multi-national networks on four continents. With a network of over 150 seasoned contractors strategically located in multiple countries, we have the expertise required to develop networks that deliver unparalleled speed, consistent performance, and long term operability.