Site Examples

Bryon Gunnerson

Bryon's tenure in the wireless industry dates back to the early 1970’s. In the early 1980’s, Bryon joined McCaw Cellular with the responsibility of building out many parts of the wireless network. The company would eventually become a part of AT&T Wireless. Following his time at McCaw, Bryon assisted with the founding of Western Wireless and led the development of the network that would eventually become a part of T-Mobile USA. Bryon remained at T-Mobile for years leading the continued development of T-Mobile's western region.

After leaving T-Mobile, Bryon recognized a need for industry experts whose interests were not aligned with the national wireless carriers. To test that theory, Bryon worked with several municipal and private entities to correct issues with their wireless leases and developed new leasing programs. Through the results gained from this experience, it became apparent that wireless landlords and property owners, large and small, public and private, could benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a group of wireless industry experts. 

In 2010, Bryon founded Gunnerson Consulting & Communication Site Services (GCCSS) to assist in several areas of the wireless industry:

  • Low Latency, High Speed Network Development
  • Wireless Network Development and Deployment for large and small entities
  • Consulting Services for Wireless Landlords
  • Site Management Services


David T. Rutter

David's experience in the wireless industry also dates back to the early 1980’s where he was a member of the team that created McCaw.  At McCaw, David was instrumental in the design, development, and implementation of McCaw's initial cellular networks in Washington, Oregon, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, California, and Oklahoma. Following his experience at McCaw, David was a founding member and Partner in   The Walter Group, Inc. (TWG). As Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at TWG, David's responsibilities included strategic planning, capital project and operations management, engineering design, analysis and construction, regulatory assistance, vendor selection, network planning, foreign government and FCC licensing, and  turnkey network deployment. While at TWG, David managed the teams that created cellular applications for licenses in Brazil, Columbia, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Israel, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Senegal, Taiwan, the United States, and Uruguay. Continuing with his expertise in network design and deployment, David and TWG designed built and managed cellular networks throughout the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malta, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, and Soviet Georgia.

David has developed a reputation as an expert in network design, development, and construction worldwide.

Laura B. Altschul

Laura's experience in the telecommunications industry spans 22 years, the majority of which are at the senior level for companies including T-Mobile, ExteNet Systems and Verizon Wireless.

Laura is one of the industry's leading experts in the development and deployment of high speed, low latency microwave networks for data transmission, with experience deploying these networks on four continents.

During her telecom career, Laura spent 11 years as the Director of National External Affairs/Engineering, Director of Government Affairs, and Technical and Development Market Director for T-Mobile. She served as California Site Development Manager for Verizon Wireless and was part of a leadership team managing the transition from analog to digital communications. And, she was on ExteNet Systems’ Executive Team, directing Municipal Relations and Marketing Communications in the small antenna cells environment.

Laura is a well-known industry representative and speaker. She has served on numerous committees including: the GSM Association Health Policies Work Group, NTIA Federal Rights of Way Working Group, the DAS Forum, California Wireless Association Advisory Board, PCIA State and Local Zoning Committee, CTIA Tower Siting Committee, and helped create the Wireless Women's Leadership Forum.


Brett Reall

Brett’s background in real estate, finance, and telecom spans 17 years. Brett spent 13 years providing specialty financing, credit analysis, and contract negotiation for real estate transactions with mortgage and real estate professionals, underwriters, and homeowners.

In 2009, Brett transitioned into the specialty telecommunications finance market, assisting property owners in understanding the options available to them as wireless landlords. In 2013, Brett joined GCCSS. By combining the experience gained in real estate, finance, and wireless telecom infrastructure, Brett works with property owners to ensure they have the information they need to manage their rooftop antenna sites, cell towers, and other wireless sites, and to make decisions that could affect their sites over time. Recent projects include remediation of rooftops overloaded by wireless tenants, assisting multiple property owners whose wireless carriers had requested lease extensions and rent reductions; assisting customers in the development of a system for adding tenants to wireless sites; negotiating with wireless carriers in contract disputes; and fair market rent analysis. 


Christine Sloan

Christine brings valuable experience to GCCSS in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions including the preparation and negotiation of communication site leases, easements, licenses, and a broad variety of ancillary agreements. After two decades of practicing law, most recently at a prestigious law firm with offices throughout the East Coast, she joined the GCCSS team where she provides expertise in issue-spotting, negotiations, and contract review and drafting from a business perspective. While GCCSS does not provide legal advice to its customers, Christine's legal experience enables her to work effectively with lawyers on both sides of each transaction. She resides in South Carolina and she remains a member of the South Carolina Bar Association.


Denise Madden

Denise has nearly 30 years of experience working in real estate and telecom law in a variety of settings. Denise initially entered the legal field in 1984 as a paralegal working for a prestigious mid-size law firm focusing on real estate contracts and commercial transactions. In 2000, Denise accepted a position as a member of the in-house legal team for Nextel Partners, a sister company to Nextel Communications, where she focused on management of all the wireless lease contracts for Nextel Partners. She was also responsible for negotiating, reviewing, writing, and executing wireless leases nationwide, and was tasked with resolving ancillary issues related to cell sites operated by Nextel Partners. In 2008, Denise transitioned to self-employment providing consulting services for local telecom companies for whom she analyzed wireless sites, as well as provided negotiating services. In 2013, Denise joined GCCSS to provide technical review and analysis of our contracts and wireless leases, and to facilitate our goals and objectives in serving our wireless landlords.