Site Examples

Rent Reduction Request

Out of the blue, you receive a letter from your cell tower tenant. The letter states they are reviewing the market rent for cell sites in your market, and they may be terminating some above market cell tower leases. They claim your cell tower lease rate may be much higher than cell tower market rent, and you will receive a call from one of their "consultants."

When the consultant calls, he tells you that your cell tower or antenna site is unnecessary, and your tenant may need to shut the cell tower or rooftop antenna down. He continues that you may be able to avoid this if you are reasonable and agree to reduce the rent. In fact, if you are willing to do so, your cell tower tenant will guarantee not to terminate your cell tower lease for a fixed period of time.

Sound reasonable?  NO!

Cell Tower Rent

The unfortunate truth is that, for the average property owner with a cell tower lease, there is no way to verify if a wireless tenant is telling the truth. Very rarely will the wireless tenant show an average cell tower rent paid on sites in the area, and if they do it is likely that you will not be given full information.

Gunnerson Consulting (or GCCSS) has seen too many of these transactions result in unnecessary reductions in rent - many bordering on being predatory. We have seen people from all walks of life accept rent reductions requests, or "lease optimization" requests from cell tower or rooftop wireless tenants.

Cell Tower Lease Rates

GCCSS has experience with thousand of cell tower and rooftop leases, and backed by our proprietary databases, we have the ability to compare cell tower lease rates and other important cell tower factors both locally and nationally, and can determine not only if there is any reason to accept the reduction, but also review your cell tower lease for opportunities to increase the rent or improve other terms!

Do NOT sign a rent reduction request or lease optimization request with your cell tower tenant or rooftop tenant without having an industry professional review the terms.

Equally important is who you choose to have review your cell tower or antenna site lease. There are many "lease consultants", however many perform work for both property owners and the wireless carriers. Just as you wouldn't have a used car salesman's mechanic inspect a car before you buy it... If a consultant receives the majority of their income from a wireless carrier, how unbiased can their opinion be?

GCCSS only works for property owners and wireless landlords. Click here to contact us for a free, no obligation review of your situation.