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Rooftop Antenna Site Management

Rooftop cell sites or rooftop cell tower sites, more commonly called rooftop antenna sites, should be monitored in a completely different manner than traditional cell towers. Cell towers are typically (but not always) mounted on bare ground, while rooftop antenna sites are mounted on your building. The potentials for damage are high if not monitored correctly.

Upgrades to a cell tower are typically not of concern to property owners as they simply add loading to the tower. Rooftop antenna sites must be watched more closely as any additional loading adds additional equipment, weight, and stresses to the rooftop.

The very first step in managing a rooftop antenna site is to make sure you completely understand what your tenant intends to do on the rooftop, and what it entails. Where will the equipment go, what options are available to you, and how will it look. There are many options, but many times the site acquisition person you are working with may not know what can be done, or they may not have the time to walk through the variety of options and requirement that are needed.

The second step is to ensure your rooftop antenna site lease has a mechanism for tracking the amount of equipment on the rooftop. This MUST be done by those familliar with the industry in order to anticipate how the site could expand over time. Our firm regularly consults with attorneys on provisions necessary to wireless leases and the impact of many provisions over time. A little foresight at the beginning of a wireless lease can save tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

The next step is to have open communication with your rooftop wireless tenant; meaning that they communicate with you regarding anticipated upgrades, and that your agreements gives you the ability to coordinate those upgrades. This requires that the proper verbiage has been added to your lease.

Gunnerson Consulting and Communication Site Services (or GCCSS) has experience with all types of cell towers, rooftop antenna sites, water tank antenna installations, as well as a variety of other types of installations. We have seen what can happen with poor oversight, as well as the low maintenance income stream these leases can be if managed properly.

Give us the opportunity to review your cell tower or rooftop antenna site lease. Initial consultations are always free.