Site Examples

If you have a cell tower lease or a rooftop antenna site lease on your property, you have been contacted about selling the cell tower lease. For property owners who have decided that a cell tower lease buyout is right for them, the amount of money received is only part of this transaction.

There are many different factors that need to be incorporated into any cell tower lease buyout transaction. The company buying the lease will require a long term agreement that will impact the property owners ability to use portions of the property. It is critical to understand what the long term impacts are when transferring a lease.

Some considerations are:

  • What are the access rights/requirements?
  • Are additional rights needed beyond those granted in the lease?
  • Is the price fair?
  • Are there different tax implications based on the structure of the purchase?
  • If additional tenants or rent are promised as a part of the offer, when will that income be realized?
    • Is it even probable that the buyer will add tenants?
  • What happens if the property is redeveloped?
  • If there is a problem with the tenants after the sale is completed, what options are available to the property owner to resolve the problem?
  • Rooftop sites add additional layers of complexity, and each site is different.

Gunnerson Consulting has experience with all aspects of the lease buyout market. because we do not buy leases, we can help you make sense of lease buyout offers and can explain the differences between the many options available, including lease assignments, sale of an easement, non-recourse loans, or pre-paid leases. As an added benefit, every customer we have assisted in a lease buyout transaction has seen a significant increase in the lease buyout price!

By looking at your goals, and developing a solution that is specific to your needs, GCCSS provides the best solution - custom tailored to you. Our method of handling lease buyouts has been proven to increase the overall benefit to customers who decide to sell their wireless leases. If you are contemplating a cell tower or antenna site lease buyout, it is well worth your time to contact us for a review of the situation.