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Most wireless industry consultants work for the wireless carriers and advocate for their interests. Gunnerson Consulting & Communications Site Services (GCCSS) is unique in that we represent the property owner. Before we propose any solution, we discuss your goals and objectives, and tailor our recommendations to your situation. Our method is proven to produce results for our customers and we strive to maximize the value of your wireless site.

GCCSS specializes in helping public agencies, non-profit groups, businesses, and private property owners navigate the intricacies of communications towers or antenna sites located on their properties. Our experts have been involved in thousands of cell tower leases across the country and internationally. Having handled projects from simple cell tower lease reviews to extensive network deployments provides GCCSS with valuable information and insight into the true worth of a site as part of the wireless carrier’s network, and the experience needed to analyze your situation, decide on an appropriate course of action, and execute a strategy proven to get results.

We understand that cell tower and antenna site leases are not your primary business and that information is virtually impossible to find regarding fair market rent, the frequency and amount by which a typical lease escalates, fair prices for cell tower lease buyouts, common lease terms, and proposed rent reductions. Over the course of a lease, questions may arise such as the ability of the wireless carrier to add tenants to a location without compensating the property owner, or the true impact of a seemingly innocuous consent request from a wireless tenant.

Contact us today to discuss your situation. Initial consultations are always free.Initial consultations are always free.

The wireless companies would never enter into a cell tower lease without market research. Neither should you.

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